June 12, 2017

CoverMe Launch: 72 Hours

We are 72 hours from launching our newest web app – Cover.Me. We have accomplished what investors told us was impossible – bootstrap a massive build and launch with over $1 million ARR already on the books for a brand new app.

Furthermore, we did all of this with a handful of people living in four states and three time zones. The most amazing thing is the culture that has developed around the productivity apps that have become central to our success. Slack, Trello, JIRA and GitHub are the four key apps we use every day.

Slack consolidates communication and improves decision making across the board. Trello allows us to quickly move the projects many puzzle pieces to their proper order. JIRA helps manage testing, story, and task development, as well as bug tracking. Finally, without Git, the dev team simply couldn’t manage the code, its varying environment and the multiples of branches.

Anxiety over the launch? Of course. Concern over the team and the tools? Zero.