Taylor Phillips

Director of Technology and Analytics
"Sometimes I get emotional over fonts" ~Kanye West
Taylor Phillips

Taylor's responsibilities at AutoGov range into a broad spectum of topics. As the Director of Technology and Analytics, he oversees all technology assets and data analysis. Taylor is the lead data miner for AutoGov and develops many reports for various clients based on his findings. As another aspect of his job, he manages all of AutoGov's web presence including AutoGov.com and social media.

Taylor has led many of the modeling advances at AutoGov in the past few years, thus changing the way that AutoGov supports its clients. This modeling not only shows risk in terms of eligibility, but a percentage of acceptance based on what has already been approved or denied.

Taylor's passion is in technology and his data processing knowledge is constantly expanding and innovating with new ideas and solutions. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Taylor has had many years experience in Information Technology and web development.

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